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Why Choose a Sleep Specialist?

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to mattresses and our specialists are trained with one goal in ming: fitting your individual needs. Meet with one of our specialists today to find the perfect mattress that is cateered to your specific sleep preference so you can get a GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP.

Our sleep specialists understand the main the components of a great night's sleep:

  • Balanced Pressure Relief: Many people are searching for a new mattress because they have aches and pains. Our Sleep Specialist's will find out where you are experiencing pain, and find a mattress that will alleviate certain pressure points so you can sleep pain free.
  • Temperature Regulation: Sleeping warm can be a hindrance for many sleepers. Luckily, we carry several mattresses that contain materials such as cool-gel and latex. Ask our Sleep Specialist's to show you the coolest sleeping mattresses.
  • Individual Comfort: Ranging from plush to firm, the SleepStore carries many different mattresses, including innerspring, hybrids, and memory foam mattresses to fit the individual comfort needs of each customer.
  • Neck Support: So often pillows are not discussed when purchasing a new mattress. At the SleepStore, we believe comfort starts with a pillow. When the neck is properly supported, the spine is aligned which improves sleep. A bad pillow can cause neck and shoulder pain, snoring, and poor sleep patterns.